Inequalities and Social Segregation in European Cities

Course Category: E         ECTS: 7,5

Module Leader

Thomas Maloutas, Professor


Objective and content of the course

Objective: Familiarizing the students with current theoretical discussions and empirical research on socioeconomic and spatial changes in European and world metropolises.

Content: Social and spatial changes in European cities within globalization and through the explanatory propositions offered by the dominant theoretical paradigms. Particular emphasis on large metropolitan regions and on the social and spatial impact of the accelerating movement of capital and people, as well as on the diverse ways of regulating this impact. Examination of the ways of using quantitative and qualitative data in empirical investigations of related issues. Focus on the particular features of South European metropolitan space and on its differences in respect to the dominant model of social and spatial changes of large metropolitan areas in the Anglophone world.