Kosmas Pavlopoulos

Associate professor-Environmental Geomorphology
Office No 3, New Bld
Department of Geography
Harokopio University
70 El. Venizelou Str., Kallithea- Athens
Post Box: 17671

Ph.: +30-2109549160
Fax: +30-2109514759

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BSc. in Geology, Department of Geology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, 1986

PhD in Geomorphology, Department of Geology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1992

Sabbatical at the department of Geography - History - Art-Tourism (GHHAT) at the Lyon2 University, on invitation of Professor J.P. Bravard. Specialisation of sediments grain size analysis by the laser method 2006-2007.

Research Interests

-Engineering Geomorphology
-Quaternary Geology
-Engineering Geology
-Natural hazards

Books and edited books (selection)

Fouache E. and Pavlopoulos K. (eds) 2005: “Sea level changes in Eastern Mediterranean during Holocene: Indicators and Human impacts”, Zeischrift fur Geomorphologie v.137, Gebruder Borntraeger Berlin, (ISBN 978-3-443-21137-0), pp.193.

K. Pavlopoulos and L. Galani 2007: “Geology–Geography for the Α class of high school”, ΟΕΔΒ-Π.Ι. (scholar book p.150, teacher book p.140 and exercise book p.50.

Pavlopoulos K., Evelpidou N. and A. Vassilopoulos 2009: “Mapping Geomorphological Environments”, Springer, (ISBN 13: 978-36-420-1949-4), pp. 235.

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Fouache E., Pavlopoulos K. and Stiros S. (eds) 2010: “Landscape evolution and Geoarchaeology”, Quaternary International (ISSN 1040-6182) v.216, pp.162.

I.P.Martini and W.Chesworth (eds) 2011: “Landscapes and Societies. Selected cases”, Springer (ISBN 978-90-481-9412-4), pp.478, co-author in chapter 10, “The Interplay between Environment and People from Neolithic to Classical Times in Greece and Albania” p.155-166.

Recent publications in refereed journals (selection)

KATERINA KOULI, MARIA TRIANTAPHYLLOU, KOSMAS PAVLOPOULOS, THEODORA TSOUROU, PANAGIOTIS KARKANAS, MICHAEL DERMITZAKIS 2009. “Palynological investigation of Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes in the coastal plain of Marathon (Attica, Greece)”, Geobios v. 42, pp. 43-51.

S. DESRUELLES, E. FOUACHE, A. ÇINER, R. DALONGEVILLE, K. PAVLOPOULOS, E. KOSUN, Y. COQUINOT, J.L. POTDEVIN 2008. "Beachrocks and sea level changes since Middle 1 Holocene: comparison between the insular group of Mykonos-Delos-Rhenia (Cyclades, Greece) and the southern coast of Turkey". Global and Planetary Changes v.6, pp.19-33.

J.L. PENA-MONNE, M. DE DAPPER, A. CONSTANTE, B. DE VIEGHER and Κ. PAVLOPOULOS 2008. “El sistema de poljes de la region de Dystos-Almyropotamos (Isla de Eubea, grecia): Cartografia y evolucion geomorfologica”, Geographicalia, v.53, pp.143-161.

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PARCHARIDIS I., PAVLOPOULOS K., POSCOLIERI M., KOURKOULI P. 2009. “Using time series of satellite Earth’s observation data to determine geomorphological and paleogeographical changes at the South eastern coastal areas of Gokceada (Imvros) island (Turkey)”. Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie, v.53, suppl. 1, pp. 139-149.

K. VOUVALIDIS, G. SYRIDES, K. PAVLOPOULOS, M. PAPAKONSTANTINOU, P. TSOURLOS. 2010. “Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes in Agia Paraskevi prehistoric settlement, Lamia, Central Greece”. Quaternary International v.216, pp. 64-74.

K. PAVLOPOULOS, M. TRIANTAPHYLLOU, P. KARKANAS, K. KOULI, G. SYRIDES, K. VOUVALIDIS, N. PALYVOS, TH. TSOUROU 2010. « Paleoenvironmental evolution and prehistoric human environment, in the embayment of Palamari (Skyros Island, Greece) during Middle-Late Holocene”, Quaternary International, v.216, pp.41-53.

M.V. TRIANTAPHYLLOU, K. KOULI, T. TSOUROU, O. KOUKOUSIOURA, K. PAVLOPOULOS, M.D. DERMITZAKIS. 2010. “Paleoenvironmental changes since 3000 BC in the coastal marsh of Vravron (Attica, SE Greece)”. Quaternary International, v.216, pp. 14-22.

PALYVOS, N., PAVLOPOULOS, K., FROUSSOU, E., KRANIS, H., PUSTOVOYTOV, K., FORMAN, S., MINOS-MINOPOULOS, D., 2010. “Paleoseismology of the oblique-normal Ekkara Rupture Zone (April 30, 1954 M 6.7-7.0 Thessaly earthquake, Greece) - archaeological and geochronological constraints on ground rupture recurrence”, Journal of Geophysical Research (Solid Earth), v.115, pp. 1-25.DOI:10.1029/2009JB006374.


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