Georgios Kritikos

Assistant Professor-Historical geography of modern times
Office 2.6
Department of Geography
Harokopion University
70 El. Venizelou, Kallithea – Athens

Ph.: +30-2109549365
Fax : +30-2109514759


Two years of studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Faculty of Law).

B.A. in history from the department of History and Archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1990)

MPhil in European Studies at the Department of International Relations and History at Cambridge University - G. Britain (1992)

PhD, Department of History and Civilization, European University Institute in Florence (2002)

Research Interests

-Nations and Nation-states in historical geography
-Individual and collective identities in space
-Landscapes and identities
-Refugees - migrants
-European space: borders, institutions and politics of security

Books and edited books (selection)

G. Kritikos, Nation and space: approaches to the historical geography of contemporary Europe (Athens: Metaichmio, 2007).

G. Kritikos, Ekpaideusi kai elenchos tou chorou: from the Ottoman millet sto elleniko kratos tou mesopolemou Education and control of space: from the Ottoman millet to the Greek state of the interwar period. (Athens: Exandas, 2010).

Recent publications in refereed journals (selection)

G. Kritikos, ‘Motives for compulsory population exchange at the end of the Greek-Turkish War, 1922-1923’ v. 13, 1999-2000, σ. 209-224.

G. Kritikos, ‘State policy and the urban employment of refugees: The Greek case (1923-30)’, European Review of History, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2000, σ. 189-206.

G. Kritikos, ‘Sulla genesi dellÆidea di uno scambio forzato di popolazioni alla fine della guerra greco-turca (1922-1923)’ the Cattaruzza, M., Dogo, M. and Pupo, R. (eds.), Esodi. Trasferimenti forzati di popolazione nel Novecento europeo, [Exodus. Compulsory Transfers of Populations in the Twentieth Century Europe], Quaderni di Clio, 3, (Roma & Napoli: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 2000), σ. 45-62.

G. Kritikos, ‘Orthodoxy as an important incorporating agent of the Asia Minor Refugees’, Balkan Studies, 42,2, 2001,σ. 245-266.

G. Kritikos, ‘The Agricultural Settlement of Refugees: A source of productive work and stability in Greece (1923-1930)’, Agricultural History, summer 2005, Vol. 79, No. 3, σ. 321-346.

G. Kritikos, ‘Audience in the 13th International Conference of Historical Geography (ICHG) as Lector in Fabula’ στο Past Place: Newsletter of the Historical Geography Specialty Group. Fall/Winter 2006, σ. 6-8.

G. Kritikos, ‘The nationalism of Greek language: the two faces of Janus in the early twentieth century’ υπό έκδοση στο Balkan Studies, 13.1. 2006.

G. Kritikos, ‘Representations of Greek space in the ‘mind map’ of migrants from the ex-Soviet Union: Conference: Migration in Greece: Experiences – Politics – Perspectives (organizer: Institute of Migration Policy – Ι.ΜΕ.ΠΟ.), (Athens, Divani Caravel Hotel, 23-24 Νοεμβρίου, 2006). [published in Ι.ΜΕ.ΠΟ webpage:]

G. Kritikos, ‘The proliferation of agricultural schools: a functional education in Greece (1922-1932)’ στο Agricultural History, summer 2007, Vol. 81, No. 3, σ. 358-380.

G. Kritikos, ‘Uncontrolled urban housing and unequal spatial relations: the case of Greece in the 1920s’, στο European Review of History, vol. 15, number 5, 2008.

G. Kritikos, ‘Rizospastikopeise tis politikes geographies tou neou periastikou chorou tis Athinas meta tin elefsi ton Mikrasiaton prosfygon [Radicalization of the political geography of the new suburban space of Athens after the settlement of the Asia Minor refugees], GEOGRAPHIES, 2008.

G. Kritikos, ‘Primary teaching in a non-standard language as a tool of social and national integration: the case of Greek vernacular (1923 -1929)’ στο Alexandra Georgakopoulou and Michael Silk (eds.), Standard Languages and Language Standards: Greek Past and Present, (London: Ashgate Publisher, 2009].

G. Kritikos, Metapolemike gallike kai vretanike metanasteutike politike: apo tin ensomatose stin entaxe [Post-war French and British migratory policies: from incorporation to integration] in M. Spyridakis (ed.). Metaschimatisme tou chorou. Koinonikes kai politistikes diastases, [Transformations of space. Social and cultural dimensions] (Athens: Nisos, 2009).


Undergraduate Courses

Historical Geography

Postgraduate Courses

Institutions and Security Policy in European Space

Μεταναστευτική Πολιτική και Μεταναστευτικές Ροές

Migration Policy and Migratory Flows